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♥ 『ooc| critique & questions』

Here is the ever handy-dandy Critique & Contact post. Have suggestions, questions, or critique for how I play Kinomoto Sakura? Whatever it is, feel free to hit me up on this post. ♥ Comments will be screened.

Also, here's where to go if you ever need to contact me regarding plotting, dropped tags, or if you just want to get in touch with me. Feel free to give me a poke here, along with any of these contacts:

AIM: along cat is long
Y!M: potatosforpowerwrist
E-mail: aeloriax [at] gmail.com
Personal LJ: ignipotent

♥ 『fourteenth card 』

I wasn't cursed, but I've been thinking all today about my New Year's Resolution.

While I'm here in the City, my resolution is to help people more. It's something I should have been doing more of all along. I may be young, but I know there's a lot I could do. I'm sure of it! I've faced many scary things while capturing and changing the cards, and I shouldn't just sit around when I could use my magic and help! I can't think of a better way to spend my time here.

Hikaru-chan, do you want to work on that?

... I may have just returned this week, but if you add up all the days and months, I've been here for over a year now. And a new year is just around the corner!

[ooc: New Years Party = slow tags. ♥ Sorry for the inconvenience. ]

♥ 『thirteenth card 』

[ It's early morning in the City, and snow isn't the only thing falling at the moment. Above the square there's girl in the air, descending slowly on white wings and dressed in a winter coat. ]

This isn't the first time I arrived from the sky...

[ She lands carefully next to a toy shop, wings fading away as she rubs her hands together to warm them up. ]

The snow... it looks just like my dream! And all the decorations everywhere- it must be Christmas here? I wonder if...

[ Sakura is momentarily distracted by the large plush giraffe in the toy store window. It's adorable, okay. ]

... I'm glad I remember.

[ooc: I'll be out all day, so I'll tag back tonight! ]

♥ 『eleventh card 』 | memory theater

[ memory | part one ]

please take me out of your heart.Collapse )

[ memory | part two ]

i will never, ever give up.Collapse )

[ooc: apologies for the length. ;; ]

♥ 『tenth card 』

Hello everyone! It's been a long time, hasn't it? A I've up to a lot~ I explored the entire City from the sky — the endless ocean, the green forests with all those big trees, Xanadu with its snow fields and autumn leaves! The City may be a scary place sometimes, but there are a lot of pretty things here! Especially from the air!

And guess what? I started a garden of my own! I hope you don't mind that I took a small patch by the house, Yuuko-san-- Clow san. It may be silly to start a garden so close to winter, but... I wanted to give it a try anyway~ Soon after I started the garden, I bought these! So I went to the library and found a book on growing pumpkins, and then I planted them!

...I knew it wasn't the right season and I knew they couldn't grow in a month. But- so I used The Woody to give me a hand-- and guess what, they grew immediately!

So they grew...Collapse )

And grew...

Until they got really, really... really big. One of them even got THIS big:

Don't you think it's nice? A bright orange skin means it's healthy! I'm not sure what to do with them though. I can't use them to decorate because they're so huge, but I don't want them to just rot. I tried a few things...

I made a pumpkin smoothie! Then, I made some cupcakes Then, after that I made some pumpkin pie and a squid.

What should I do with the rest? It's not a very big patch, but there's a few left and they are all very big. Maybe... we could try pumpkin boating? I saw a picture when I was at the library. Look!

[ pumpking boating | not cut ic ]Collapse )

♥ 『ninth card 』 | audio post

To anyone that switched bodies last weekend—— I owe all of you a huge apology. I know I said sorry before, but I don't think I could ever do it enough! It must have been really scary to be in a different body, and not knowing why for so long. A- and thinking that it might be forever... It was horrible.

I'm sorry.

I promise I'll keep better control of my magic next time. I'll definitely find a way. Promise. I kept my last promise, right? Even if it was difficult, Syaoran-kun and I managed to switch everyone everyone back and right on time!

Thank you for meeting us at the Hot Springs, and a big, big thank you for- Um- F- For hugging the other person, even if you really didn't want to! I know it was strange and horrible for some, but it did the trick!

♥ And if you ever need help, remember that I'll be there for you. For all that happened- I owe all of you and more!

♥ 『eighth card 』 | audio post

[ there's a long pause of static, and it's several minutes before someone speaks.]

Hello everyone.

[ another pause ]

I know why people are switching bodies, and it's not because of a curse. It was my magic that did it. I- I'm really sorry.

[ she pauses again, her following words filled with slight apprehension ]

I didn't mean to do it, I promise. Today's curse- It made all sort of creatures actt strangely, including one of my Cards. They're not like playing cards or baseball cards, but cards that contain magical spirits. These spirits take all shapes and sizes. Some have the form of beautiful ladies, while others look like children or fairies, and there's also some that look and act like animals.

The card that escaped is The Change, and it's one of the animal-like spirits. That blue creature you saw around the City? That was him. B- but I promise, I didn't do it on purpose! I would never hurt anyone with my magic- [ her voice cracks, as a soft sob breaks through] Never. Why would I want to do this sort of thing to people? Switch their bodies and make them frightened or angry or sad.

I should have caught it earlier. I sensed it -- the presence of the Card, but I didn't think it could be one. There's tons and tons of magic in the City, unlike Tomoeda, so everything gets tangled when I tried to sense its presence. And I'd never thought one of my cards would run away! I hadn't summoned it, a- and I love all of them. This isn't like them. Even if ones like The Change can be mischievous.

[ Her voice is notably worn around the edges. She's tired - where else had The Change taken its power from other than its Mistress? ]

Please don't hate me or be angry with me. Please I never meant to hurt anyone! I promise I'll fix everything. I know I can - as long as I catch the card and use it on everyone that's swapped, everything will be all right.

But it's important that you remember when you were swapped. Even after I catch the Card, the magic takes 24 hours to weaken before I can reverse it. If you go over those 24 hours, that means the two of you are stuck that way forever.

I won't let that happen.


♥ 『seventh card 』 | video post

Today's curse is very strange, isn't it? The City's wearing a different face today— everything's different: the buildings, the machines, even our clothes! I found these goggles on my head when I woke up! And my key now looks like this today. How strange...

I saw all the girls outside wearing poofy dresses, like something Tomoyo-chan would make. But why did the City decided to dress me like a boy? I wanted to wear a dress. I don't think I've ever seen an outfit like this before - it's like a fancy suit, but it's not. I like the fabric in the back though ... all gathered in the back, and really pretty. It's hard to fly in.

...Also, has anyone seen the carousel today?

[ action ]Collapse )

[ ooc: Video post to the network and Action for anyone who can reach the roof / would see her and climb up after her. Feel free to use action brackets, if you want. :3 also the wings look something like this ]
Oh, how cute! I wonder where you came from, little fairy~ Huh, there's even more of- Wh- what, what are they doing?

Hoeeee, stay ... stay away from there! Please! [ there's the sound of objects tumbling as she backs into a bookcase, along with the cry of tooth fairies. ] Wait! Th- that tooth isn't ready to come out yet! Why are you trying to take it? I'll promise I'll put it under my pillow when -

OW! [ a sharp cry, followed by a soft whine. ] Th- that at really hurt, you know! I'm bleeding... What? You guys already took one, why are you trying to take another-

That's it!

[ more scuffling, as she quickly ducks behind the bed. and then there's a sound like the rush of wind as she releases her staff. ]


[ the soft chatter of fairies soon to fade to silence]

...Ah, I caught them! I wonder if there's a birdcage around here I can put the tooth fairies in before ... o- oh, my device was on the entire time How embarrassing!


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